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Support services

I. Consulting

1. Partner/Supplier/Client Search

Report in this case can contain from a simple contact list of companies that fits Your search profile. This report can be more detailed and tailored to Your search profile, and gives You a number of companies that we already contacted and presented to You in the report only these companies, which showed interest in making business with You. Pricing will always be decided individually, based upon Your preferences.

2. Business Strategy Analysis


a. Market Research
b. Competitor Analysis
c. Industry Analysis
d. Segmentation Analysis

Business Strategy Analysis contains 4 different kind of deeper studies. We suggest You to start from the Market Research which consists of a broad market analysis within Your business area. Our focus is on the Baltic and the Scandinavian markets. After the Market Research You can deepen Your business strategy on how to enter the foreign market with, for instance, the Competitor Analysis. Final pricing will always be decided individually, based upon Your preferences.

3. Investment Opportunity Search


a. Green field search for opportunities
b. Brown field search for opportunities
c. Enterprise start-ups

Investment Opportunity Search is a service we provide to potential investors interested in the Scandinavian and the Baltic markets. Final pricing will always be decided individually, based upon Your preferences.

For more information, please, send an inquiry to our main e-mail or take a contact with one of our consultants. Their contact details You will find in the main Menu, under the fold Our team.

II. Trading

Baltic Business Center has a long experience of trading with different type of goods and raw material between the Baltic States and the Scandinavian countries. We have logistic chains that fast can transport goods to You, even if it is smaller volumes.

Are You interested in windows, doors and other construction materials, we have suppliers contracts and can send You offers in a short matter of time. Do not hesitate to contact us if You are interested in other products.

III. Support services

If You have business on a new market, and have a need of juridical assistance, translations or You are in the need of help with planning and booking a business trip, we offer You to use our Support Services.


We translate from and to English, Swedish, Lithuanian, Russian and German. Do not hesitate to contact us if You need to translate from other Indo-European languages.

Juridical assistance
Service we provide is called Juridical Assistance and confines financial assistance, bookkeeping, assistance in contract negotiations or general legal assistance.

Business trips
We plan and book visits to the companies in which You are interested. We can help You with arrangement of Your living in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden or other Scandinavian countries. Baltic Business Center can as well book a transport mean according to Your wishes. Price is decided individually, based upon Your preferences.